“Adventure awaits!”

“So,” one of my colleagues said to me today, “You’ve gotten a bit reflective in your Facebook posts lately”

“Ummm, yeah,” I mumbled uncomfortably, “Just going through a reflective period at the moment.”

“Must be a phase eh,” he winked.

I nodded and quickly changed the subject.

We were all on a surgical course in Central London.

“Catch you guys after lunch,” I told them, “Going to find a bank”

I set off down Euston Road with Google Maps directing me to the nearest HSBC. The sun had made a brief appearance and office workers were sprawled on the lawn in front of the train station.

The GPS said to cross the road. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone around me, too engrossed in reaching my destination.

“Watch it!” someone exclaimed after I nearly walked into them.

I stopped and looked around. ‘Come on,’ I reminded myself, “Be present”

How had I never noticed the caryatids of St Pancras New Church before? I had walked on this road countless times but felt like I was seeing things for the first time. The four female figures looked down majestically,


I continued to walk, taking in the sights. The British Library loomed ahead. A building I’ve passed by numerous times but never really had a reason to go in. ‘Do you really need an excuse to go in?” I questioned myself.

The answer was simple. Of course not.

After finishing up my life admin, I quickly walked back towards the library. There were people everywhere. It was full of university students sitting in table booths, tapping away furiously on their laptops. What a great vibe. The thirst for knowledge was palpable in the air.

I didn’t have much time so headed towards a free exhibition entitled ‘Treasures of The British Library’.

It was indeed a treasure chest.

A collection of the library’s rarest finest books and manuscripts ranging from paper scrawlings of Keats, Jane Austen and The Beatles to an ancient bible from 1455. It was mind-blowing to see the Magna Carta.

What are words but vessels which carry meaning? The room was full of meaning. Full of the energy vibrations of geniuses and visionnaires past who had transferred their hearts through ink onto paper. People who had a message to share and dared to bare their souls to the world and in doing so, transcended time.

And here’s another awesome thing about the treasure room. There’s an audio exhibit where you can listen to The Beatles singing away whilst you browse around. If you so wish.

So in the middle of my lunch break, with a silent audience of ancient literature watching, I did what any hippie would’ve done. I slipped on a pair of headphones and grooved to my own silent disco of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’.

Today, was a good day.

I made the choice to escape the monotony of everyday life. To break up the normal humdrum. I need to do more of this. To go on a daily adventure, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Take a different route home, finally wear the top I’ve been saving for ‘a special occasion’.

Doing something different, breaking our usual pattern, changes our energy. It alters the signal we’re sending out to the universe. It tells the world, “Hey, I’m here! Let’s make magic!”

I’m excited about what my adventure tomorrow is going to be. I hope you have your own awesome adventure too šŸ™‚


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