“Physician, heal thyself”

Three unicorns pranced past me in a silent disco conga line.

I handed the stall holder some cash.

“Just to let you know,” he said, “All my t shirts are printed on 100% organic climate neutral cotton with water based ink.”

“Do you infuse all your shirts with reiki energy?” I asked him with a deadpan face.

“Excuse me?” he blinked wide eyed.

“Are all the shirts infused with reiki energy from Tibetan monks in the Himalayas?” I repeated.

He cracked up, “Nah man, my shirts are printed in Reading”

“Sorry” I laughed, “It’s my first time here. Finding it all a bit overwhelming”

Yesterday, I went to the London Mind Body Spirit Festival.

An awesome four day event in Kensington where hippies and new age hipsters come together to drink green juice and scoff down organic dhal. A bazaar of crystal jewellery, psychic readings and colourful yoga leggings.  The exhibition centre smells like frankincense and sweaty post yoga bods. An acoustic performer sings about karma in the background.

I walk past a queue of people waiting to have their Lipsology readings. That’s right. Lipsology. Pop some lipstick on, kiss a piece of paper and someone will read your lip print and tell you what type of person you are.

“Would you like a gong bath?” a pair of floral harem pants asked me, “I can scan you for energy blockages at the same time.”

I am slightly spun out.

My medically trained mind is at conflict with the room full of alternative holistic therapies which I haven’t quite made my mind up about. I make a conscious decision to stop resisting, open up my mind and heart and be in the now.

What do I see?

Everyone is happy. There’s a constant flow of laughter and an infective buzz in the air. The total opposite of a hospital waiting room where glum faces stare mournfully at the wall clock hoping their name is called next.

Smiling faces pose in photobooth made from a painted Vauxhall. Strangers are chatting in the pop up chill out tent in the centre of the room. That’s right. Strangers are talking to each other. In London. I really am in the twilight zone.

I reflect.

One of my medical colleagues told me a story about one of his patient’s who had a tumour in his large bowel that was causing a blockage. He needed surgery. The patient said he would have to run it past his crystal healer first.

Why did the patient trust crystal quartz over a diamond surgical blade?

Why are people happy to fork out £25 to have their auras read but gripe over the £8.60 NHS prescription charge?

I haven’t researched enough into complementary and alternative medicine to comment too much but what I do know is that I am becoming increasingly despondent in a system where we’re not connecting with patients on a human level anymore.

There was a time when doctors weren’t just physicians. They were botanists, nutritionists, philosophers, homeopaths, spiritual healers.

Somewhere along the line, a severance occurred where modern medicine evolved into the recognition and treatment of the body’s disease but neglected to acknowledge the dis-ease of the soul.

There’s been a huge shift in people’s subconscious in the past few decades. A recognition that the way we’re working, living, surviving is no longer conducive to a healthy fulfilling life.

All you need to do is walk into WH Smith and see shelves stacked with mindfulness colouring books. My Facebook feed is full of ads for life coaches and meditation retreats. I was in San Francisco Airport a few months ago and kid you not, there was an actual yoga room.

yoga room

However, things are changing slowly but surely. Take for the example the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, a service which is blazing the trail in bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine.

Sadly though, there is still a general mindset in the medical community that it’s all quackery. ‘There’s no scientific proof behind it,’ they say, ‘Where’s the evidence?’

But you know what?

Sometimes it’s not about the evidence. It’s about genuinely giving people your time and caring for them when they’re distressed. Sometimes the healing doesn’t come from the pills and potions but lies in the exchange of words and energy.

As Harold Becker said, “Each spoken word from the heart is a soothing balm of healing love.”


Peace Out Mankind x


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